Daith and Tragus Piercing for Weight Loss

Ear piercing is a common practice among adolescents and young adults, with many getting multiple piercings over the years. But while ear piercings are often perceived as being a sign of rebellion among young people, research suggests that they may also serve a more serious function. In recent years, ear piercings have been linked to several health benefits, including the potential to aid in the weight loss process. The primary mechanism through which ear piercings are thought to promote weight loss is by stimulating the release of certain peptides in the body.

Ear Piercing for Weight Loss- Real or Myth


Daith Piercing Weight Loss

What is it?

Daith piercing weight loss can be the quickest and most efficient way to lose weight.  Daith piercing weight loss is also a fast way to boost your metabolism – which means you can eat more without gaining weight and potentially lose even more. Body piercing weight loss is a popular trend today. From just about any part of the body, people can get a piercing for a fashion statement, keep a body part close to their heart, or create an entirely new look. Piercing weight loss first became popular as the practice of ultra-light piercing, but got more recently associated with body modification and decorative piercing.

How is it done?

Daith piercing weight loss is about how to lose weight without losing muscle. It is done by getting rid of the extra fat layer on your body that is not actually burnt, but rather is used as padding so the stomach doesn’t expand. You accomplish this by making sure to burn more calories than you consume, therefore using less of the body’s fat and more of its muscle, which is an excellent thing considering that the more of your muscle mass you lose, the more fat you will likely gain. In simpler words, daith piercing weight loss is done by piercing the skin and injecting a saline solution into the skin fold where the daith is located.

The saline solution, which is known as an IV, is injected by a healthcare professional into the saline solution in the person’s vein. This saline solution in the vein is then injected into the person’s body through a second hole. Daith piercing weight loss takes a lot of practice and patience. You have to have been doing it for a while to get used to it. A needle or a sharp object is used to pierce the subcutaneous layer of fat to stick the daith into the skin. There are other ways to pierce the skin that doesn’t require piercing the subcutaneous layer, but they often involve a longer recovery period.


  • Daith piercing weight loss is that it is very effective and very easy to get. Of course, it can cause pain to the ears and nose, but if proper care and attention are taken it is not painful at all.
  • Daith piercing weight loss is that you can do it at home and on your own time, instead of in a hospital or health center.
  • It is a great way to target the problem areas and get a good indication as to which ones need to be worked on the most.


  • The cons are that it can be permanently disfigured and it can be very painful.
  • The pain is usually gone in a few days, but the disfigurement lasts much longer. It is a permanent piercing and it can be relatively expensive.
  • There is also the risk of infection and other unwanted side effects.

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Tragus Piercing Weight Loss

What is it?

The Tragus is a “projection” piercing, meaning the piercing is more visible from the front, often through a tragus window or on the side. It can function as a facial piercing or as a body piercing, depending on the size and placement of the hole. The hole is small, so it can be hidden when it is not being used or displayed when it is appropriate. The small hole can also be used to add additional jewelry, such as a second earring or a nose ring. Some people prefer to keep the piercing small, while others prefer to make the hole larger so it can be worn as a second earring. The placement of the piercing can also change the way it looks and functions.

How is it done?

Tragus piercing can be used as a facial piercing and can also be used as a body piercing, with the holes being located on the lower portion of the ear near the earlobe. The smaller the diameter of the piercing, the closer the skin will be to the surface and the more visible it will be. It is common for people to have both a tragus piercing and an earlobe piercing, and the two can be combined to make a double tragus piercing. The most common location for a Tragus is in the center of the ear, but it can also be located on the outside of the ear or in the cartilage of the ear.

The size of the Tragus piercing will depend on the intended use for the piercing. For example, a small Tragus piercing located in the cartilage of the ear can be used to enhance the look of the ear when it is pierced, but it might not be visible from the outside of the ear. The tragus piercing weight loss is slowly increasing in popularity worldwide, but the procedure has many risks because it is permanent and can be dangerous.


  • The pros of tragus piercing include the fact that it is a permanent piercing, which means that it will never need to be removed.
  • The tragus is also a painless piercing, which will allow you to easily wear it whenever you want.
  • It is also possible to stretch the tragus as much as you want without any problems, allowing you to wear it in a wide range of positions.


  • Imposing a needle on an infant is unnecessary and potentially traumatic.
  • The piercing is performed at the corrugated cartilage in the ear between the tragus and antitragus, which is the cartilage that runs along the top ridge of the ear canal.

Ear Piercing for Weight Loss- Real or Myth?

For years, people have been turning to ear piercing for weight loss. The idea is that ear piercings can cause weight loss because they dampen the feeling of being hungry. Ear piercing causes the body to release endorphin hormone which avoids the urge to eat. It is also effective in controlling stress and anxiety. This helps you to maintain a balanced hormone system.

Another way to reduce weight through ear piercings is to insert a magnet in the piercing. If you feel the urge to eat, the appetite can be reduced by pressing the magnet. However, the science behind ear piercings and weight loss is still up for debate. It is currently unclear whether ear piercings are an effective weight-loss method or not.


The benefits of ear piercing are debated by experts in the field. Ear piercing can be useful for weight loss if done properly, but some individuals feel that they cause more harm than good due to infections and other problems that can occur. The main argument against ear piercing is that it can cause problems like ear infections and earrings falling out. Ear piercing also involves a significant risk of earring infection, which can be serious if left untreated. Ear piercing is painful and outdated, as it is performed in the presence of an earlobe, which is considered the most delicate part of the anatomy. However, one advantage is that it is also not permanent (expect tragus ear piercing) and can be removed at any time, or replaced with another piercing.