Healthywage Review – Is it Legit or Scam?

Are you already tired of losing weight? If yes, it is time for you to retake a fresh start! As seen from scientific and academic research, a considerable percentage of the population, especially young folks, suffers from obesity.

HealthyWage is a health and wellness company that can help you bet your money on losing weight by taking up challenges and showing the world the new you. If you go to the HealthyWage review section, you will see the weight loss journey of several people worldwide. So keep reading for being a part of the game now!

Healthywage Review, Healthywage Review - Is it Legit or Scam? Read Before Joining


Is HealthyWage Legit?

If you are wondering, is HealthyWage legit or not, then it is high time you get to peep into the customers’ experiences before you. Some people confess their genuine point of view towards the app in the HealthyWage reviews, which are like they could not motivate themselves to lose weight. Still, after betting their money upon interesting challenges, they all got to lose weight instantly for three months only! Sherri Shepherd published a post on Instagram that when it comes to owning money, people can go to any extent, and so did she.

If you are still in doubt about HealthyWage, you can be assured that it is a legit website and app with legit challenges that lets you win money for real! Prominent celebrities like Sherri Shepherd also believed in HealthyWage and herself someday, and look at her today, shining brighter and smarter now! If you are still not sure about it then you may check more reviews on Sitejabber that are submitted by the customers.

How Much Does it Cost on

If you want to determine the HealthyWage com cost, then be ready for some extremely reasonable price rates to invest in and lose weight drastically! HealthyWage believes that every person needs a little push from somewhere, which is enough to motivate them to such an extent that they attain the weight loss goal. HealthyWage com cost is quite reasonable for every people from every background to afford.

If you become a part of HealthyWage, you would have to pay a minimal price of $25 per month. If you need a legit outcome out of HealthyWage, then you can take a subscription for three months at once, where you would have to pay $75. The challenges last for about twelve weeks which makes three months, and that is why it is better to be a member of HealthyWage for three months long! You can also check the HealthyWage calculator to get more information about the cost.

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How Does HealthyWage Work?

Most of the people of the present generation have a common question in mind: how does Healthtywage work? If you have similar confusion, you should know that the basic rule of the app for you is to get paid to lose weight. The “Get paid to lose weight” term might sound quite confusing to you at first, but once you start using HealthyWage, you will understand the concept pretty well. If you want proper guidance on how does HealthyWage work, then you can keep an eye on the following points to get the details in several steps:

The first thing that you need to do after becoming a legit member of HealthyWage is to explore the app or website in the first place—logging in to HealthyWage marks the beginning of a new journey with an app that pays you to lose weight.

In the next step, you can go through various challenges and search for the payouts. If the challenge suits your will and satisfies you with the amount, then hop in with it to make money for losing weight in three weeks only!

Once you take up a challenge on HealthyWage, you would have to weigh in first. In simple words, you would have to post a regular weighing video of yours or scan your weight while you check on the weight in a digital machine or a normal one to put on the app in the initial stages. Once you start the challenge, you should keep track of your weight every day or once in every while, which can mark the difference. Then, you can either post one of the latest videos shot with lesser importance by the end of the challenge, or you can shoot and post the last one in the weigh-out section.

You would not have to worry about the cheating competitors in the app that pays you to lose weight like HealthyWage because it has an accurate, verified scanner that can easily make the difference and estimate the actual weight at ease!

You can easily make money for losing weight at the end of the challenge if you successfully attain the weight set as your goal in the beginning.

If you fail to attain the goal of the challenge, then you would have to try again with all hopes the next time for another challenge or the same one. The money you pay for each challenge for a solo game or teamwork would go to the winner or welfare and upgradation of the app on your failure!

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What Advantages of Using HealthyWage?

You might want to consider the reasons behind choosing HealthyWage as your weight-loss and money-making partner. If yes, then here are a few benefits you can get while using HealthyWage:

  • HealthyWage is one of the most popular legit weight loss apps that most obese teenagers and even celebrities dream of.
  • It acts as a motivational factor in your life to drastically lose weight as you have to bet your own money to complete the challenges.
  • The prices are quite affordable for most of the people on HealthyWage.
  • It shows a whole new concept and interesting way of losing weight even for the laziest of people!
  • It has verified scanners that do not let you cheat in the challenges.
  • It gifts a whole new you to the world!

Disadvantages of Using HealthyWage?

  • There are no disadvantages to using HealthyWage anytime. Though, many people lack trust in the site due to the involvement of money for losing weight.


Q. What is the aim of HealthyWage?

Ans. If you have become a member of HealthyWage or are planning to become one recently, it is evident that you have questions in mind. The concept of where people getting paid to lose weight study is confusing and might even lead you to question the app’s worth. But according to several academic and scientific studies, HealthyWage has found out that humans are lazy creations of god and do not want to lose weight without a slight push. So HealthyWage makes the customers invest their money in the challenges and lose weight to get back the invested amount three to four times! Money works as the motivational factor here.

Q. Is a scam?

Ans. It is not a scam, It has an official website called and also an application that runs on Android and iOS. It is an app where they put your money at stake and make you lose weight for real. In a word, is not a scam!

Q. Is HealthyWage real?

Ans. If you want to know, if HealthyWage is real, then you should know that you would not find a better app on the internet which can push your limits to earn money and lose weight at the same time. All you need to do is take your time and work hard on yourself during the three months of the challenge!

Q. Does HealthyWage payout?

Ans. If you are confused about the HealthyWage payout, you should be aware that famous figures like Sherri Shepherd also received a challenge reward of $1300 when she took the challenge to lose weight. So the application is legit, and it does payout on time by the end of the challenge to the winners!


It is finally time for you to kick life start with HealthyWage, where you can leave behind obesity and learn to accept the new you! Significant public figures and thousands of general people like you stand as examples in front of you in the app, which have already lost weight and won over obesity.

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