12 Immediate Constipation Relief for Adults

Constipation is a common issue we have faced for some time. It is primarily because of our unhealthy food habits and the lifestyle that we have chosen to cope with our daily work. Most of us do not follow a balanced diet in our everyday life. Constipation may appear to be a simple issue to tackle, but it can become chronic if you are not cautious. You will not have the urge to eat food, so your health will deteriorate. So, if you feel that your bowels are not regular and you are facing difficulty passing stool, you must immediately get some medication.

immediate constipation relief adults


12 Immediate Constipation Relief at Home for Adults

Following are some guidelines that will help you to get immediate constipation relief at home:

1. Drink Plenty of Water:

One of the primary causes of constipation is dehydration. Water is one of the excellent remedies for various ailments. Hence, it is necessary always to keep yourself hydrated no matter how much stress you have in your work. Drinking water also helps in relieving your body from toxic contents. Therefore, if you want immediate constipation relief at home, you must drink plenty of water. It helps the stool become soft so it can easily pass through. Remember that you must not consume carbonated water as it may worsen your constipation.

2. Castor Oil:

Castor oil is one of the adults’ best natural remedies for immediate constipation relief. It contains fatty acids that help to bind the smooth muscle cells of the intestinal walls. Thus, it helps the muscles contract, which smoothens the passing of stool. Castor oil is also beneficial if you are suffering from chronic constipation. However, you should seek advice from your doctor before consuming castor oil to treat your constipation.

3. Eat More Fiber:

It is always advisable to increase the dietary fiber in your daily diet as it helps in smooth bowel movements. So, if you want quick constipation relief, you must include soluble and insoluble fibers in your daily diet. Soluble fibers are more effective in combating constipation as it absorbs water and combines with fatty acids to form a gel, and it thus helps in softening the stool. Therefore, if you want a constipation-free life, it is advisable to alter your daily diet by including at least twenty to twenty-five grams of fiber daily. Food that includes fiber is whole grains that you will get in cereals, bread, and brown rice. You can also eat fresh vegetables and fruits to get relief from constipation. However, you must limit the consumption of cheese and other dairy products if you feel that it is the leading cause of constipation.

4. Indulge in Light Exercises:

Many people frequently suffer from constipation, and it may be because of their sedentary lifestyle and improper food habits. So, to know how to fix constipation fast, you must indulge in daily exercise. It is proven that light exercises like brisk walking, swimming, and cycling can improve the digestive symptoms of your body. Moreover, when you exercise regularly, your lifestyle and improper food habits will also change for the better. You will feel healthy and will be urged to eat healthy food rather than processed food.

5. Drink Caffeinated Coffee:

Drinking coffee can give you the urge to go to the bathroom. It is because coffee stimulates the digestive system’s muscles as it contains a small proportion of soluble fibers. Caffeine also prevents constipation by improving the balance of the gut bacteria. Therefore, it is time you grab a cup of coffee in the morning to make your trip to the bathroom successful. However, if you are suffering from IBS, it is advisable to stay away from caffeinated coffee as it may worsen the situation. If you are consuming coffee regularly, you must also, at the same time, keep yourself hydrated as coffee is a diuretic.

6. Use Probiotic Food:

Probiotics are active bacteria that are beneficial for treating constipation as they naturally occur in the gut. It is especially beneficial for those who are suffering from chronic constipation. Hence, it is advisable to increase probiotic food consumption to balance bacteria in the gut effectively. It produces short chain fatty acids that help in the improvement of gut movements, thus making it easier to pass stool. You can get probiotic food either over the counter or online.

7. Use Molasses:

If you are suffering to pass stool smoothly and get quick constipation relief, you must try Molasses. Blackstrap Molasses helps you to get instant relief from constipation. Take one tablespoon of blackstrap Molasses before going to bed. When you wake up in the morning, you will be surprised to pass stool smoothly. The reason is that blackstrap Molasses contains some healthy vitamins and minerals, especially magnesium, that help ease your bowels. It draws water from the intestine, thus making your stool softer.

8. Lemon and Honey:

A combination of lemon and honey with warm water can relieve immediate constipation at home. Lemon and honey have rich antioxidants that can work as a natural laxative. Moreover, the enzymes present in honey can fix constipation fast. You can mix salt with honey if you do not have a lemon in your house. Since salt is rich in magnesium, it helps to loosen the bowel muscles, thus helping the easy stool.

9. Senna:

Senna is one of the most effective herbal laxatives that treat immediate constipation issues. It contains glycosides which is a plant compound. It stimulates the nerves in the gut, thus helping to speed up bowel movements. It is highly effective for adults who are suffering from constipation. However, consumption of Senna is not advisable for pregnant women or those suffering from other health ailments. Therefore, it is recommended that you take your doctor’s advice before consuming Senna. You can get Senna over the counter or can purchase it online.

10. Prunes:

Prunes are one of the best home remedies to fight against persistent constipation. The presence of antioxidants and fiber makes it a natural laxative that you can treat for mild constipation. Prunes also contain sorbitol, a sugar alcohol that has a laxative effect. You can have at least seven prunes twice a day to get relief from constipation. However, if you are suffering from IBS, it is better to avoid prunes as it may worsen the problem.

11. Eat a Low FODMAP Diet:

Certain carbohydrates may cause indigestion, and they can also lead to constipation among certain people. The food included in the FODMAP is dairy products, lentils, wheat, apples, and broccoli. However, since some of the foods in the FODMAP are an excellent source of fiber and other healthy nutrients, you need to cut down their consumption carefully. A low FODMAP can relieve you from IBM-related constipation, but you also need to drink a lot of water to treat your constipation issue.

12. Magnesium Citrate:

If you suffer from constipation and want immediate relief, you can try magnesium citrate. It is an osmotic laxative you can get over the counter or online. However, it would be best to take moderate magnesium citrate to relieve constipation. If unsure, you can always consult your doctor before taking magnesium citrate.

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Q1. What Are Some Of The Common Causes Of Constipation?

Ans: There can be various reasons for constipation. Some of the common causes are:

  • Hormonal changes
  • When you consume very little fiber in your diet.
  • Some medicines can cause constipation.
  • Lack of exercise
  • Drinking less water.
  • A recent surgery.

Q2. Should I See The Doctor If Constipation Persists?

And: Usually, you can treat constipation with the help of various home remedies. However, if your bowel movements change suddenly and you are experiencing severe pain while passing stool, you must see your doctor for medication. Therefore, it is advisable that if the stool is hard constantly, get immediate medication.

Q3. Can I Use Olive Oil For My Child Suffering From Constipation?

Ans: If your child suffers from constipation, you must avoid olive oil, and you can instead use apple or pear juice for your child. However, if you see that there is no change in your child’s health, you must see the doctor immediately before constipation becomes chronic.

Q4. What Proportion Of Olive Oil Can I Take To Combat Constipation?

Ans: If you are suffering from constipation, you must take only one tablespoon of olive oil, and if you take more than the required proportion, it can cause diarrhea. Hence, the best way to consume olive oil is to use it in your food or salad.


Constipation can be uncomfortable as it affects you both mentally and physically. It can be harrowing at times if you do not take immediate medication. So, if you are facing difficulty passing stool for a day or two, you must consult your doctor for immediate medication. Alternately, you can try some home remedies to give instant relief from constipation. One of the best ways to combat constipation is to adopt a disciplined lifestyle and a balanced diet containing all the healthy nutrients and minerals.

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