How to Improve Your Thyroid Health in 6 Simple Steps

It is estimated that over 12 percent of the American population will develop some type of thyroid problem during their lifetime. While this figure may sound a bit stark, it is also important to remember that there are many ways in which we can protect the health of our thyroid. Let us look at six powerful recommendations.

How to Improve Your Thyroid Health in 6 Simple Steps

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Improve Your Thyroid Health in 6 Simple Steps

1. Eliminate Gluten:

A growing body of evidence suggests that gluten may cause autoimmune issues in some individuals. This can also lead to hypothyroidism; a condition associated with a sluggish metabolism. Try to eliminate products that contain gluten from your diet. Examples include some types of wheat, rye, spelt, and oats.

2. Proactively Manage Your Stress:

It is no secret that stress will have a negative effect on our health if left unchecked. This is even more relevant when referring to chronic stress, as it can cause the adrenal glands to “burn out” and cease functioning as they should. A side effect of chronic stress may also impact your thyroid gland. It is therefore important to identify potential stressors and to develop coping mechanisms.

3. Consume Adequate Amounts of Selenium:

Selenium is a trace element that is known to impact thyroid health. It is particularly associated with the metabolism of this gland. Therefore, selenium can also play a role in the subsequent development of conditions such as hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. It is wise to eat foods that are rich in this substance to keep your thyroid functioning as it should. Examples include tuna, Brazil nuts, turkey, and grass-fed (organic) beef.

4. Adopt a Sugar-Free Diet:

The experts at Healthline also note the important role that sugar plays. Refined sugar has been known to impede the conversion of a thyroid-based hormone known as T4. Not only can this cause inflammation, but it may even worsen any symptoms that you are currently experiencing. Adopting a sugar-free diet is therefore a wise choice.

5. Natural Thyroid Supplements:

Another potent tool within your arsenal comes in the form of natural supplements that are intended to restore the balance within your thyroid gland. For instance, Armour Thyroid at is offered in a wide range of dosages and can be used to treat an underactive thyroid gland (hypothyroidism).

6. B Vitamins:

It is already known that B-complex vitamins provide us with a natural source of energy and they boast numerous antioxidant effects. However, certain substances within this category may also be able to improve thyroid function. In particular, vitamin B12 can be used to treat many of the symptoms associated with hypothyroidism. It could even help to reverse some of the damage caused by this condition.

We can now see that there are many effective ways to improve the health of your thyroid gland. Of course, some of these may be more effective than others. It is nonetheless wise to speak with your doctor in order to determine if there are any additional suggestions to consider. You will be pleasantly surprised with how many options exist.

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